Clove.AI offers real-time visibility on sales drivers of the store which will help you in identifying the right trend or tool to improve topline.


Sales Trend

Clove.AI offers two powerful infographic tools for analyzing online stores sales trend. The sales trend shows overall sales in a timer series chart and the heatmap allows to slice and dice information to improve sales.

Sale Trend Chart

Shopping carts offer information on orders however, most of the shopping cart information is in silo. Clove.AI trend charts integrate information from multiple sources to offer most meaningful KPIs to increase sales.

Sales Heatmap

It is a 2-dimensional infographic tool which will help you to find out the best-selling days and hour. The horizonal axis represents weekday and vertical axis includes hours in the weekday. You can simply glance the heatmap given here that Wednesday at 9 AM is one of the best time slots to focus sales through increased advertisement and offers. You also have business intelligence information about best-selling/low selling/fast moving products in different categories to boost eCommerce business. In addition to sales and product details, you can also get information about new customers acquired in the weekday-hour time slot.

Product Analytics

Product insights helps online stores to maximize topline by selling the right product at right time. Clove.AI offers capability to analyze sales drivers across product segments. 

  • Best Sellers: The insight allows you to analyze best-selling product and category of the products by quantity, sales and change over a time period.
  • Top Repeat Orders: You need to stock high demand product to fulfill repeat orders from the customers. This insight will help you in finding out top repeat orders for products and product category.
  •  Top Returns: Orders returns are usually triggered by the defects in the product or logistics delay.