Right Data


Even if you fix a lot of issues in your site and try to improve conversion, all those efforts will come to naught, if you don’t have the right data.

While standard tools

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Right Insights


Today most E-Commerce retailers rely on simple e-commerce metrics dashboard tools or even just Excel to track customer journeys and transactions across the site.
But these are barely useful in understanding what customers are trying to

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Right Payments


We covered this briefly in previous articles, but payments deserve a place of their own. When we see that anywhere between 6 to 10% of users drop off from the checkout page to payment completion, then you do

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Right Checkout


You spend a lot of money to get users to the checkout page — statistics show that barely 10 to 12% of users end up on the checkout page.
But the actual conversions that you see

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Right Mobile Optimization


Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices but only 36% of purchases happen on the mobile.
Moreover, only 2.25% of conversions happen on smartphones while 4.8% happen on the desktop. This provides a series of

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Right Customers


Your customers come to your site in various ways — organically via search engines, ads, social network referrals, or just word of mouth. There are two challenges that you have — how do you get them to buy

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Right Personalization


AI and personalization are the buzzwords today, but do they help? The answer is a qualified yes and I’ll explain why.

A lot of stores today use personalization and by that I mean tools that can

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AI for better E-Commerce


AI or Artificial Intelligence is emerging as one of the most important aspects in the ecommerce sector. It helps the industry to work smarter and better by predicting the trends. Whether it is for marketing, sales or inventory

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