Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices but only 36% of purchases happen on the mobile.
Moreover, only 2.25% of conversions happen on smartphones while 4.8% happen on the desktop. This provides a series of challenges for the E-Commerce retailer — how do they make sure that more of their traffic converts to sales?

Let’s see the top reasons for this gap:

  • Security
  • Product details not visible
  • Navigation difficulty
  • Unable to enter details

Mobile users are more worried about the security of their cards and other transaction details and therefore tend to browse on mobile but buy via a laptop or desktop. This is the top reason and unless you are able to provide a sense of security it is difficult to get users to transact more on the mobile. 

A simple fix that has been tried out is to provide a lock icon on the checkout button to show a sense of security and the conversions there seem to be much higher. All you are doing is just adding that icon!

Product details are not visible — this is another big problem, especially for complex purchases. People tend to reuse or shrink desktop pages to the mobile, a lot of detail is missing. Instead, you need to make it easy and native to the mobile experience.

Another issue with forcing desktop design to mobile is the complexity of navigation. Mobile pages must be easy to use and users should be able to checkout as fast as possible. Simple things such as providing an easy guest checkout option can help you reap dividends.

Finally, a small but critical issue is that of entering details. Today there are a lot of tools that help users finish their form filling, such as addresses, or selecting the payment type. Please ensure that the user is able to quickly checkout make the payment and complete the order as quickly as possible. It has also been shown that where the transaction process is simple and fast, users tend to buy more.

A few other pointers — where possible use accelerated mobile pages, this tends to rank very highly on Google searches.  Pages should also be very light and load in 3 seconds or less. Many of your customers could be disabled and it is important to have accessible pages. It is also a legal requirement by the way. And ofcourse make sure that the content is readable on different devices.

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