eCommerce stores generate huge amount of information from shopping carts, payment systems, advertisement campaigns and shipping. However, this abundant information has to be curated and stitched together to generate any meaningful value.

Clove.AI’s built-in AI recommendation engine constantly monitors and learns from data about your online store patterns to find ways of increasing topline, improving bottom line and increasing your customer engagement.


Ad Spend Recommendations

Merchants spend on average 30-50% of working capital on advertisement conversion. It is very time-consuming and time sensitive effort to correlate every ad campaign with direct conversions. A significant portion of this precious budget is lost on ineffective campaigns that neither boost customer engagement nor bring conversion.

Clove.AI will help you with reducing AD revenue leakages so that spend can be channelized to most profitable campaigns and keywords. You will be able improve topline and bottom line with recommendations proposed by our AI engine.


Actionable Insights:

  • Track ineffective campaigns and keywords with high spend and low conversion
  • Discover campaigns and keywords with high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Recomended Action:

  • Pause Campaign to prevent revenue leakage
  • Delete keywords to focus on effective keywords
  • Change Budget to improve profitability
  • Invest on high performing keywords and campaign


Sales Recommendations

Clove.AI generates sales recommendation by analyzing synergy between product performance and customer data. By implementing these recommendations, you will invest and stock best products at the right time, reduce days on hand across inventory thus freeing up valuable working capital. You will also be able to fulfill most of the orders placed by your customers without going out of stock.

The insights also offer powerful view on high product returns which may be a good lead to find defective and slow-moving product and take actions swifter.

Actionable Insights

  • Track top trending product for higher sales and stock up inventory
  • Discover best-selling day

Recommended Action

  • Run campaigns for top trending products
  • Stock Inventory for top selling products
  • Discontinue products with quality issues or high returns
  • Run Ad campaigns with high margin during best-selling day
Sales Recommendations

Customer Recommendations

Improvement in customer loyalty is directly proportional to your outreach program to customers and share value of your eCommerce website. It is very challenging with large customer base to identify and target right communication.  As you launch new categories, understanding customer segments becomes critical. As these segments will help you build your outreach campaigns, messaging, offers and engagement model.

You will need Clove.AI insights to target right message for customers based on segments :

  • About to Churn
  • Cannot lose them
  • Champions
  • Loyalists
  • New Customers

Actionable Insights

  • List of customers who may stop buying from your store
  • List of customers who need to be rewarded for their loyalty
  • Target customers for launching a new premium category

Recommended Action

  • Generate list of customers for reach out program
  • Launching a premium product category, generate a list of Champion customers who will potentially buy this product
  • Offer and promotions through email campaign loyal customers
Customer Recommendations