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Clove.AI’s is a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software that helps eCommerce merchants discover hidden insights to drive product sales, increase profit margin and improve customer loyalty

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Business Intelligence(BI) eCommerce

Clove.AI Benefits for eCommerce Stores

What Our Customers Say

Clove.AI team provided our merchants predictive insights of customer behaviour and product trends. Our merchants increased their online conversion from returning customers by up to 23% in 3 months.

Ecommerce Solutions Provider, India

Clove.AI has helped us to get consolidated insights and actionable recommendations that help increase our online conversions and reduce drop-offs. It provides customer insights that add input to our decision-making process.

Head, Commerce, Cross Border Fashion Retailer

Clove.AI’s campaign recommendations helped us increase our ad spend ROI significantly.

Partner, USA

Product Features

Your eCommerce store needs real-time visibility on top-selling products and best-performing advertisement campaigns which are driving sales. Often times you would spend days or weeks to identify this correlation and loose precious sales.

Clove.AI has found an innovative and easy way to detect sales drivers in a few hours. We have introduced “Sales Heatmap” which represents a two-dimensional matrix to show best-selling days of the week with a best-selling hour of the weekday.
You can quickly perform many actions with sales heatmap:

  • Stock most profitable products selling during best-selling days and hour to capture maximum online orders
  • Allocate your valuable working capital on advertisement and promotions where chances of checkout conversion is maximum
  • Promote most reliable payment methods in the checkout flow to reduce cart abandonment, buyer drop offs, chargebacks, ..
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Measure online sales of eCommerce store

Campaign Analytics

Measure advertisement campaign effectiveness of eCommerce store

Online campaign costs are one of the most significant expenditure for eCommerce stores. Campaigns are a double edge sword since on one hand, a wrong campaign will result in loss of sales and on the other hand it will severely impact your bottom-line. Your precious working capital may evaporate without any tangible benefits.
Clove.AI has extended the heatmap framework for campaign effectiveness.  You can quickly perform many actions with campaign heatmap:

  • Slice and dice heatmap to find best/worst performing campaigns by weekday/hour of the day.
  • Clove.AI’s AI engine looks at how campaigns are generating traffic for your eCommerce store, cost of campaigns to acquire new customers, etc., to generate actionable recommendations that will stretch your valuable advertisement dollars.
  • Many shopping carts allow you to link campaigns with checkout flow. You can leverage this powerful capability in Clove.AI heatmap to get insights on the direct correlation between product sales and campaigns which contributed to the sales.
Clove.AI solution is constantly working with your data to discover patterns in visitors, campaigns, sales, profit margin and customer engagement. The built-in proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) generates valuable actionable insights which would save a lot of time and generate revenue on implementation.
Implement Clove.AI’s recommendations in just few clicks.
  • Top trending products
  • Best day and time of sales
  • Top product bundling options
  • Top product returns
  • Best payments provider with minimum effective rate
  • Top decline reason codes
  • Customer Life Time Value
  • Customer churn
  • High value and loyal customers
  • Ad Campaigns/Keywords with low Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Ad Campaigns / Keywords with low ROAS

Holistic View

eCommerce Store Holistic view

eCommerce stores have valuable data spread across multiple systems such as Google Analytics, Ad-platforms (Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads,.. ), shopping cart, marketing systems, payment processors etc. Online store owners like you will have to jump to many systems to monitor business performance.
Clove.AI makes it simple for store owners to get access to all eCommerce KPIs in one place.

  • Online Shopping KPIs: Orders fulfilled, pending orders, quantity ordered, average value of orders and returns
  • Customers Metrics: New customers, returning customers and Life Time Value (LTV)
  • Payments KPIs: Average revenue per user, refunds, chargeback and declines
  • Visitors: Sessions, pages/session, PPC visits, devices, location
  • Advertisement ROI: Impressions, CTR, CPC, clicks, cost, conversion rate, cost per conversion

Seamless Integration

Clove.AI’s data platform supports built-in adapters for multiple eCommerce service providers. This will help merchants like you to syncronize data periodically from service providers and stay on top of business performance.
All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to integrate and start your insights journey

Service providers supported by Clove.AI.

  • Shopping carts: Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce
  • Digital marketing: Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics
  • Payments processors: PayPal, Stripe,, Amazon Payments
  • Shipping providers: Shiprocket, shipstation
  • Clickstream services: Journey insights

The Clove.AI data platform also integrates with third-party data providers such as ERP (SAP, Oracle) and billing systems through common file formats (CSV, XML).

Expand With Google Shopping

google shopping

Clove.AI supports direct integration with Google Shopping. Merchants can upload top selling products from the AI recommendation engine to Google shopping. This serves as a new channel for increasing sales and revenue.


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  • 1 Store
  • 2 Years Historical Data
  • Blended Insights + AI/ML Recommendations
  • 8 x 5 Phone/Email Support


  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Stores
  • 5 Years Historical Data
  • Custom Reports & Recommendations
  • Priority Customer Support

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